Kiln dried logs

To make sure you get the most out of your wood burning stove, it is very important to use the correct kind of fuel. Kiln dried logs are clean burning with high heat output. Logs that aren’t dry will result in a fire that smoulders and creates lots of tars and smoke. The tar can be corrosive, potentially damaging your liner and increasing the chance of a chimney fire. Wet logs tend to blacken the stove glass even if the stove has an air wash system. The cost of the wood depends on what type you buy. Wood is normally sold in cubic metres, rather than weight to ensure the measurements are taking into account any moisture contained the the wood. Moisture content in the wood should be below 20%. Dryer logs are better than wet ones as your stove is working twice as hard to dry the logs out and not giving you much heat output. A moisture metre is advisable to check the moisture content, these can be purchased for approximately £20.