How to light a fire

1.  Open the Airwash and Primary Air Controls fully to ensure the fire gets the air supply it needs to establish properly. There is an indicator at the top of many appliances to show which direction to move the control from closed to open.

2. Place firelighters, or paper with dry kindling wood on top, either in a pyramid or teepee shape. Light the paper or firelighters.

3. Wait for the kindling to catch alight and start burning vigorously.

4. Leave the door slightly ajar at this stage. This will help the flue to pull air and gases upward helping to light the fire.

5. Once the kindling is burning well; add larger pieces of split wood, building up in size. Too many logs will probably smother the fire. Round logs will take longer to catch than the split/cut side of a log.

6. Shut the door and add larger pieces of wood when necessary.