Fitting a wood burning stove in a conservatory

Conservatories are a very British preserve. We love the idea of them, and why not. They provide a light, airy, extra room in our houses without the effort and expense of building a ‘proper’ extension.

But few of us really make the most of our conservatories. They tend to be too hot in the summer and far too cold in the winter. It’s easy to deal with being too hot – open a window (and you should, of course,  have plenty)…but dealing with a cold conservatory in winter is a very different matter.

There are lots of options for heating a conservatory – digging up your floor and laying underfloor heating, running unsightly pipes along your nice clean walls to put in a new radiator or you could just use some plug in electric heaters.

Alternatively, you could fit a wood burning stove. Simple, much more cost effective than you might imagine and capable of turning a cold room that you use for a few months of the year into the warm, welcoming focal point of your house.

It might seem like an absurd idea, but modern technology means we can fit stoves in conservatories, outbuildings, sheds or pretty much any other building that needs to be warmed up but that has no chimney.

What makes this possible is a double lined flue. These are a brilliantly simple invention that involves one pipe being installed inside another pipe to form a chimney. It stays cool to the touch, so there’s no risk of fire or burning and they look great. Choose from urban loft style shiny chrome or something more subdued and understated, the choice is yours.

Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to talk you through the options for a wood burner in your conservatory.