We supply Warma Wood which is kiln dried hardwood in 10kg bags. Far more economical is to buy by the pallet and we can provide you with this via our partners. – To order only.

Warma Wood products are specially selected from well managed local woodland.  The wood is selected for its density and ability to burn well without sparks, with a good flame and maximum heat.

Some facts on Warma Wood:-

  • All our wood is cut and split before being dried in kilns which are fueled with our own wood waste so very environmentally friendly.
  • We take virtually all the moisture out for you, so you only burn the wood and don’t pay for the water.  Less moisture=more heat.
  • Dry wood avoids excess soot and tar in the chimney and flu.
  • Burning wood is great for the environment because its sustainable and carbon neutral unlike fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas.
  • Average moisture content is 15-20% when packed.

We also sell:-

  • Warma Logs
  • Seasoned Logs
  • Kindling